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Here are a selection of articles written by me about my writing life and books...

Author Workspaces: Tríona Walsh 

by Triona Walsh | Jun 23, 2023 | Author WorkspacesFeatures

I reckon writers’ workspaces tell you a lot about the writer who inhabits the space. Tidy room? Perhaps a plotter works here. Does a messy one belong to a writer who has trouble with deadlines? Writing at a desk or sofa – thriller or romance writer? Multiple cold coffee cups, books of research, mood boards or whiteboards, everything is a clue to the writer’s personality. The place we go to write might unwittingly be the ultimate “show, don’t tell”. With this idea in mind, I looked about my own writing space and asked myself, what am I revealing about me in this little room? Apart from the fact that we’re both too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer…


Where do you get your Ideas from? By Tríona Walsh

June 23, 2023

Like many writers and would-be writers, I’m voracious in my consumption of anything writing related. Interviews, podcasts, blogposts, anywhere writers talk about their writing and writing lives, I’m there. An article like this, for instance, would be just the thing! During this obsessive deep-dive, I’ve noticed there is one question in particular a lot of writers say they dread…

5 Pieces of Advice From Writers That I Come Back to Again and Again

Award-winning author Tríona Walsh share her top five pieces of advice from writers that she returns to again and again.

  • TRÍONA WALSH |JUN 26, 2023



When I was a young writer I believed that talent was like pie, there was only so much of it to go round. Thankfully my eyes were opened and I learned that writing was a craft. Studying it meant I could bake bigger, tastier pies!

In particular, I found learning from other writers invaluable...

Finding the Right Location by Tríona Walsh

5 July 2023

When I began writing crime novels – including the two gathering dust in the bottom drawer – there was only one location I was going to pick for their setting – Ireland, where I’m from. I’m not alone as we have quite the impressive crop of Irish crime writers setting their novels on the auld sod...

BookLine Radio Interview - 02.07.23 - Triona Walsh

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